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Physical and manual therapy in Wageningen

Fysiocentrum Wageningen offers physical therapy and manual therapy to, among other things, reduce the following physical complaints:

  • Lower back pain
  • RSI
  • Tension headaches
  • Neck pain
  • Sport injuries
  • Sprained ankle
  • Stress

Please contact us on: 0317 - 41 91 02 or

Welcome to Fysiocentrum Wageningen, practice for physical therapy. The practice is located in Wageningen at Geertjesweg 21 A. It is equipped with 5 consultation rooms and a gym.

Physical therapy is a healthcare profession that remediates impairments and assists in aiding and restoring personal mobility, performance of daily activities and overall quality of life, through examination, diagnosis and physical intervention.

As physical therapists we are experts in treating orthopaedic problems such as back and neck pain, shoulder pain, repetitive strain injury (RSI), sports injuries, arthrosis and we provide aid in pre- and postoperative procedures. Additionally, our therapists are specialised in treating patients with COPD and peripheral artery disease.

Our practice consists of five physical therapists: Ton Wolsinkel, Ernst Venendaal, Barbara Findenegg, Aukje Goverde and Beer Lammers. Ton Wolswinkel and Aukje Goverde are also manual therapists.

A manual therapist has successfully graduated from an additional 3-year Master course and is specialised in treating back and neck pain and headache. This has granted them the skills of using specific mobilisation and manipulation techniques.
Ernst Venendaal is psychosomatic physical therapist and is specialised in the treatment of stress-related disorders. He is also specialised in treating complaints relating to playing musical instruments.

For making appointments with one of our therapists, please contact us on: 0317 - 41 91 02 or Upon contacting us, we make sure you will see one of our therapist on short notice. The opening hours are Monday to Friday from 07.30h to 18.00h and Tuesdays to 21.00h.